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Thanks Chad. It was a typo, it's fixed now.

Yeah they do seem to have that face cut resemblance. Since Dean Cain played Supergirl's father Dr. Jeremiah Danvers in some of the season 1 flashback episodes, Tyler and Dean may end up sharing the screen sometime in season 2.

Oops. Thanks Martin, it's fixed now. Yeah he is not one of the Coen Brothers. The word Etan was initially shown as misspelled, which was corrected and I kept up with the same spelling.

No, he doesn't. His poster is a mirror image, same goes for Uhura. No idea on why, but the original photos have been flipped.

Thanks Aaron. Updated now.

Yeah the only way his role in Rogue One will fit into the timeline is if his appearance is shown in a early flashback scene or he won't be a Young Han as expected. It's more likely they may not reveal the actor until filming next year, thus avoiding Rogue One altogether.

Thanks for the info. We have now updated the article.

Thanks David. I appreciate it.

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